Migrants in Switzerland

God brings unreached foreign people groups at our doorstep so that they can get to know Jesus and later could themselves share the Word of God in the regions where they come from. Through our projects to reach migrants, we are regularly engaged on this front. In recent years, we have met many people coming from distant places that make many efforts to be integrated into the culture of the host country. In these ethnic groups there are normally significant spiritual problems, but this challenges are also a great opportunity for the Kingdom of God. In the Bible we find many stories of people who have lived as refugees and how this have been part of the perfect plan of God for their lives. In these years, we believe that the work among foreigners is very important and we have decided to start discipleship groups (Spanish and Portuguese speaking) in the region of Zurich. These people are very hungry for Jesus and are making big steps of faith, learning weekly to apply the truth of the Bible in their lives. The Kingdom of God has entered into many homes! It is very encouraging to reach outsiders with the love of Christ. Life Share Network is doing its part in bringing a change in our society and at the same time take the Gospel to the ends of the earth!