• KINGDOM DISCIPLES TRAINING (STARTS FEBRUARY 2022) And this gospel of the kingdom of God will be preached in all the world… (Mt. 24:14)
  • EDITORIAL BY GRAZIANO CREPALDI Dying to self and living for the Kingdom
  • PROJECTS LIFE SHARE NETWORK Discover some of the projects we have supported.
  • CHURCH PLANTING MENTORING Our mentors accompany church planters and their teams at home and abroad.
  • LIFE SHARE COMMUNITY Simple Church is a way of connecting with your family, neighbors and friends around your life!

Life Share Network is a ministry created to help groups and leaders to spread 
the message of the Kingdom of God. The main task is to promote the growth of the Church in the nations and reach the poor and the needy with practical humanitarian aids and community development projects.

Being a humanitarian help organization, we provide assistance to vulnerable people in this moment of crisis. Our teams and partners are supporting vulnerable people, such as the homeless, jobless and migrants, providing practical help and counseling assistance where needed.

HELP US TO HELP OTHERS Your prayers and financial support, enable us to impact the world.
ONLINE COURSES Kingdom Disciples Training (starts February 2022)
COURSES AND TRAININGS We organize training modules on different topics of discipleship and leadership (also in Zoom)