Kingdom Leadership Training

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others”.
(2 Tim. 2:2)
This course is for leaders who desire to bring the Kingdom of Heaven through their communities, social teams and enterprises. The Kingdom leaders, share the same mission of Jesus to bring Heaven on Earth and so they share similar journeys. This course helps leaders to set their leadership to serve others and help them to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus criticised the Pharisees for not entering the kingdom themselves as well as preventing others who were entering from going in further. This should be an example for us as leaders. Am I entering the kingdom and am I helping others to enter should be the driving vision for any follower of Christ. Building a church, a social team or a business is often done as an end in itself, instead of a means to an end of helping people enter the kingdom. This course, amongst other things, helps you to reflect on how you are leading, how you are building influence and how you are operating in your gifts. Spiritual leadership means, on God's behalf and in responsibility to Him, to develop other people in such a way that they grow up spiritually and God's kingdom is built. The aim of this training is to build a solid foundation, a common basis for ministry, so that mutual trust, teamwork and competence in godly leadership can grow. We will cover important elements of leadership and encourage each person through individual mentoring to make progress towards spiritual maturity and understanding what it means to be a leader and why the spiritual life and the character of a leader is so important. Through the assignments and projects given in the course you will develop tools to give you a clearer perspective of your future ministry as well as tools to help you develop the people you called to lead. Subjects and basic skills to be learned will include:

The personality of the leader. These topics deals with the essence of leadership.

  • The nature of leadership
  • The spiritual life and discipline of the leader
  • Leadership formation and the stages of growth of a leaders life
  • Healing emotional trauma & past wounds
  • Defining your Kingdom identity
  • The nature of the leader and character development
  • The Gospel of the Kingdom
  • The authority of the leader
  • Prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare
  • Team building and leadership team development
  • Communication and conflict resolution

The tasks of the leader. These topics deals with the work of a leader.

  • Vision formation & casting
  • Developing your personal mission statement and ministry philosophy
  • Critical evaluation of ministry and dealing with transition
  • Understanding your gifts and calling as a leader
  • Discipleship and leadership
  • Church and social work
  • Kingdom business & economics
  • Small groups dynamics and leadership styles
  • Kingdom leadership keys
  • Church planting and leadership
  • Kingdom government

HOW AND WHEN: The training Training will contain tutorial lectures and practical individual sessions. This course is made up of 10 two-hour sessions.
450.- € per person (800.- € per couples)
All donations will help the poor in projects in Europe and India and advance the Kingdom of God in the nations.


GRAZIANO & SONJA CREPALDI (Founders & Leaders Life Share Network)
Since 2002, Graziano and Sonja Crepaldi live near Winterthur (Switzerland) with their 2 children. It involved them in church planting, training and in making disciples in Switzerland, Europe and India. Graziano has a degree in International Studies (Political Science) from the University of Turin (Italy) and received his Associate of Arts in Missions from the University of the Nations (USA). For over 25 years, the Crepaldis have been involved in the growth of local churches, the training of leaders, and the multiplication of discipleship groups. In collaboration with other leaders, they have helped hundreds of people to enter a personal relationship with God. They hope to see the fulfillment of God’s plan for the nations, especially among the unreached people groups of the earth.

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