Reach Europe

The modern rationalism led western society to form a life perspective based on individualism and materialism. A lot of people suffer because of emptiness, loneliness and lack of solid values. Life Share Network has the task of reaching European countries that have been less affected by the good news of the Gospel. In most of these countries the amount of evangelical believers is less than 1% of the total population. Our work is mainly focused on the foundation of new churches and the practical support of local leaders in different locations. The communities founded by Life Share Network remain independent and are integrated in the rest of the body of Christ in the region where they are born. In collaboration with other ministries and orga-nizations, our leaders provide, where needed, advice and practical support to enable the growth of the local visions. Life Share Network supports various church planting initiatives in Europe and is looking for partners (individuals or churches) who share the same values and are available to work in the multiplication of new discipleship groups.