The restoration of our personality

The future, or a new start, begins with a clean and restored past. Too many people are paralyzed and weak from mental injuries and therefore remain often years standing in their personal development. The life of a wounded person revolves around his own needs and is therefore unproductive and self oriented. Many come from broken families and already have damaged relationships in their past. Others were involved in occult or religious ties or are blinded by an unclean and chaotic lifestyle (wrong sexual behavior or financial debt). These problems have isolated us from the others and we have become prisoners of our hurts and bondages. Is there a way out of this issue? Can we really change radically and permanently our lives? Through personal discipleship, forgiveness, healing and deliverance God opens for us a new path into the future. God is leading us step by step through his grace from the prison of our hearts into the true freedom of a healed life. In this training we cover the following topics: a look at various aspects of our lives that needs recovering; healing of emotional wounds; freedom from family ties; deliverance from generational curses; restoration of our personality; how to build a strong relationship with Jesus; how to live in the power of the Holy Spirit.