The apostolic ministry

Are there still apostles today? What is their job? Which authority do they have? How do we recognize false apostles? How does the apostolic Church of the future look like? The apostolic ministry has nothing to do with man's glory and titles, but with God's vision for his church to passionate bring his kingdom from heaven to earth. The apostolic ministry is a pioneer front line service able to establish regional movements of God. People and groups who are called by the Lord in this service, will plant new churches and give birth to new projects. This ministry is meant to function behind borders and it is self initiative. Apostolic ministry helps churches to move in freedom and early stand on its own feet. It is a service that lays foundation and creates new projects "out of nowhere". It has the capacity to connect people who can benefit from each other gifts. The apostle can act as well as a supernaturally gifted problem solver and as a spiritual talent scout. Apostolic people always refer to Christ has their head (Eph. 1:22 & 4:15) and work regularly within the five-fold ministry. They often have a significant calling and grace for a specific region, city, nation or ethnic group. You can recognise them easily for their almost unbearable spiritual passion for the place God has sent them to work (Gal. 2:7-9). They are naturally "pillars of faith“ and the spiritual backbone of regional networks, on which churches and groups sometimes referred to as a father-figure. Apostles have a kingdom of God perspective and a "broken and contrite spirit" because of the spiritual burdens that they carry and are not interested in building a private, religious kingdom with themselves at the top.