Our authority in Christ

"But these signs will follow those who believe..." Mark 16:17.
God's supernatural power and authority for healing, miracles and deliverance can be experienced by believers today just as it was in biblical times. God gave Adam, who was made in God's image, authority over all His creation (Genesis 1:28). Indeed, originally Satan was actually under Adam's authority (Psalm 8:4-6). But when Satan's deception led Adam to stand with him against God, Adam handed over the keys of authority over humanity and the world to Satan (John 12:31).
In the Bible, and especially in the Gospels, it is clearly demonstrated that since that time the demonic world has been given authority over humanity and as a result is wreaking havoc in the world and among humanity. Jesus came to give us back authority over Satan and over his kingdom through his death and resurrection. Our authority in Christ grows through:

  • Identity in Christ
  • Obedience
  • Sanctified relationship
  • Character like Jesus
In his dealings with people and situations, Jesus showed how to handle "delegated authority" - i.e. authority, responsibly, wisely and effectively. We want to be challenged anew by this interesting topic and look forward to an instructive, exciting day.