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Trainings for discipleship and church multiplication 

What can we learn in this phase of Church history? How can self multiplying church planting movements arise and function as an organismic in times of crisis? What does it mean to be a true disciple of Jesus today? How can we make and multiply Kingdom’s disciples?

Jesus is building His Church in all the world (Mt. 16:18) and we received His mandate to make disciples (Mt.28:18). This training will bring you into a more intimate relationship with God and is giving you an opportunity to discover your passions and your part in God’s purposes for the world. It is for those who are longing to follow Jesus in new ways with a different perspectives. We will help you rediscover ways to reach those who may not be likely to attend a church service on a Sunday morning (or not able to do it in this crisis time). Whether it’s gathering with family and relatives, meeting with those who visit your gym, or radically welcoming your actual neighbors down the street, this is a set of tools to help you engage them, interact with the bible together, develop leaders, get coaching, and expand the Kingdom. These groups result in disciples reproducing disciples, leaders reproducing leaders, churches reproducing churches, and movements reproducing movements. Discipleship and community is about how to align our lifestyle to Jesus and be an example to others. It's not just about how to feel good in a certain meeting or to be well integrated in a group, but rather to grow, and to live out the mandate of God in the nations. The disciple maker becomes a model in knowledge, wisdom, commitment, experience, values, skills and resources in order to help the believer to know God better and fully obey Him. For this task every church is needed, but also new form of communities for different cultures and seasons should be planted.
God placed the seeds of multiplication in everything that has life and wants it also to work in his Church. Every single individual in the world will need to hear the message of God and experience it practically. In this trainings we will also cover the following topics: DNA of a disciple; growth phases of a disciple, what we can learn from the ministry of Jesus; how to endure persecution & crisis, how to be healed and set free, discipleship in practice; how to transform believers in disciple-makers; and how to change your church into a disciple making centre. Our individual or group online trainings can be booked at:

GRAZIANO & SONJA CREPALDI (Founders & Leaders Life Share Network)
Since 2002, Graziano and Sonja Crepaldi live in the region of Winterthur (Switzerland) with their 2 children. They are involved in church planting, training and in making disciples in Switzerland, Europe and India. Graziano has a degree in International Studies (Political Science) from the University of Turin (Italy) and received his Associate of Arts in Missions from University of the Nations (USA). For more than 20 years the Crepaldis have been involved in the growth of local churches, the training of leaders and the multiplication of discipleship groups. In collaboration with other leaders they have helped hundreds of people to enter into a personal relationship with God. Their desire is to see the fulfillment of God's plan for the nations, especially among the unreached people groups of the earth.