How to hear God's voice

Unfortunately, when God speaks, it is usually not as clear and directly perceptible as when you talk on the phone or read an email. Moreover, I think it also happens more often that people hear what they want to hear and not what God is really saying. Prayer should be one of the most popular activities of a Christian. In prayer we can express our love to God in a special way. Our communion with Him is deepened and our faith strengthened. In this day and age, it is fundamental and even necessary for the followers of Jesus to move with the Holy Spirit. He is calling us more and more to a deeper intimacy with Him and pray. The Lord is mobilizing prayer warriors worldwide to penetrate the kingdom of darkness that threatens the borders of our nations. God is calling out brave prayer warriors from all churches to send out into the whole world.
We will cover the following topics:
  • Encounter the Father's heart in prayer
  • Hearing God's voice for my region
  • Regional Intercession & Spiritual Warfare
  • Prophetic intercession