House church

The church is the body of Christ and a family in which every member can grow and mature. The New Testament church was known as the people of God. The believers did not go to church nor did they join a community; they were the church. All members acted as priests and each one exercised their ministry. These people received practical training and learned how to make disciples. The followers of Christ practiced their faith in spiritual families, met in their homes and changed the world radically. The house churches grew in number by obeying the Word of God, sharing life and practicing spiritual gifts. They multiplied more and more groups of believers who met in the homes (Acts. 2:46) and worked together in their regions. These were the original house churches networks! Even today, new unique forms of communities are coming up as fresh shoots of new crops in cities and in rural areas. The life in small community and deep relationships is giving people practical firsthand experience on the values ​​of God's kingdom. Followers of Jesus meet in small groups, in homes, offices, sports clubs or restaurants. Church will naturally became a lifestyle in which men, women and children experience discipleship and growth. In this training we cover the following topics: Why house church? The house church in the New Testament; What is a community? Church membership; Regional church planting; what do you do in a house church?; and How to start a house church.