Our Team

GRAZIANO & SONJA CREPALDI  (Founders & Leaders)

Since 2002, Graziano and Sonja Crepaldi live in the region of Winterthur (Switzerland) with their 2 children. They are involved in church planting, training and in making disciples in Switzerland, Europe and India. Graziano has a degree in International Studies (Political Science) from the University of Turin (Italy) and received his Associate of Arts in Missions from University of the Nations (USA). For more than 20 years the Crepaldis have been involved in the growth of local churches, the training of leaders and the multiplication of discipleship groups. In collaboration with other leaders they have helped hundreds of people to enter into a personal relationship with God. Their desire is to see the fulfillment of God's plan for the nations, especially among the unreached people groups of the earth.

Christian and Bettina Aebersold live in the Aargau area. Christian works as a miller and Bettina is a professional nurse who loves to invest her time in people. Both are committed to disciples making and have a passion for
 the Kingdom of God growth in their communities. Their vision is to see disciples revitalized through healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation and therefore offer their practical help in strengthening relationships.

Jannine Aebersold lives in a shared flat in Zurich and works as an independent painter. Her heart beats for the Life Share Network vision and in all occasions where she can contribute with her creativity through videos, photography and graphic design. She provided some valuable input and teachings in the area of worship & songwriting. Jannine is especially passionate about training believers on how to share the Gospel with music. She loves to invest her time & her heart in people around her with outreaches and to pass on the love & passion for Jesus with evangelism and discipleship.


Alberto and Danielly Fernandes live in the Zürich region since several years. They work as system technicians and commercial employees. Alberto graduated from the Higher Technical School for Automation and Danielly as Commercial Manager in Zürich. Alberto comes from Portugal and Danielly from Brazil and they have been married since 2013. In recent years Jesus told them to open their homes and their lives to the Kingdom of God. Since then they have been in close collaboration with Life Share Network and live discipleship and leadership training in their daily lives to deepen their connection with God and help other people to enter into a personal relationship with Him. Their heart's desire is also to reach nations (especially Switzerland, Portugal and Brazil) with the power of family that live in communion with God.

After numerous outreaches abroad, Tabea lives now in the center of Zurich in a shared flat and works as a decoration designer at Globus shopping center. Her heart beats for setting people free in art and creative work with others. She believes that creativity lies dormant in so many people and wishes for it to come into its full potential through courses and events, one to one mentoring or collaborative activities. She sees the value and potential of living and working in community and is working with our network in the area of communication and graphic design.


We’ve known Graziano Crepaldi for more than 10 years and have worked with him towards the realization of various events. In this period, we have seen his zeal to bring the Gospel wherever possible and how he has given himself to the mandate of Christ without sparing his energy. Graziano is convinced of the truth of the Bible, and with patience and perseverance, he has helped many people to get into a relationship with God and to mature in the faith. In his leadership style, Graziano does not control, but he rather helps people to make a decision in freedom.
(Christian & Cornelia Tobler - Leaders “Tobler Consulting“, Switzerland)

I have worked with Graziano Crepaldi and the teams of Life Share Network in Switzerland, France and India. In recent years I have greatly appreciated this man of God and his apostolic calling. His prophetic anointing and his heart for people are considerable. Graziano has a burden for the lost and is carrying in his heart an apostolic vision for the house churches and missions. Graziano is willing to go anywhere to bring the message of the Kingdom of God to the nations.

(Pierre-Daniel Martin - Founder Association “Filet du Maitre”, France)

More than 25 years ago, I lived with my family in Mumbai, India. Our team, consisting of people from different nations, worked together with local churches. Sonja was one of our team members! Later on while I was in Europe I got to know Graziano Crepaldi. The two got married and what a wonderful couple and family they are! They are totally committed to the vision that God has planted in their hearts. They have been launching out as pioneers, doing new things in the area of church planting in post christian Switzerland. In India, Graziano has been inspiring and encouraging leaders, pastors and church planters in different places. Over the years, whenever we have worked together I have been impressed by their commitment, servanthood and generosity.
(Bart Doornweerd - Youth with a Mission Leader, Netherlands)