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The past year has undoubtedly been very challenging for all of us. Our whole organization and our lives have been stretched by the enormous work we have had to face, especially in Italy and Eastern Europe. The pandemic and the war have exploded inequalities, social injustice and exposed all the fragilities of a global system that has marginalized the rights and basic needs of the most fragile people. Without the commitment of our teams, supporters and volunteers, their creativity and hard work, it would not have been possible to change course. Our projects in favour of the poor and families at risk have made it possible to restore dignity to hundreds of people through facilitating workplace reintegration.

Once again we have been able to travel and visit our teams around the world and continue to train leaders, social workers and church planters in different locations. We have observed that many groups (in the crisis) have became very serious about their vision and this is making our work be more effective.

For many years, our association has been funding a home in central India that can accommodate more than 300 children at risk. In this place, the children can receive the necessary care together with a proper school education, with the help of a medical staff and qualified volunteer teachers. Last year, the first group of youth who finished high school decided to continue their studies at university. Their wish is to return to their villages, offer free medical care to the sick and create new job opportunities.

In India we are currently helping more than 200 girls that we have saved from human trafficking. The stories of these young women are dramatic and many of them have to withstand constant pressure from their parents who want to force them back into prostitution to support their families. Our work in synergy with local authorities and institutions is complicated, but lately we are beginning to see encouraging results.

In 2023, we will continue to work so that many poor children and youth would have equal access to education that prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.

Your prayers and financial help make a difference in the lives of the children and families we seek to help every day through our frontline workers on 4 continents! We urgently need more regular supporters for our projects!
Contact us as soon as possible if you want to be part of this Kingdom vision!
God bless you!

Graziano and Sonja CREPALDI (Leaders Life Share Network)

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