Kingdom Camp

The central message of Jesus Christ was the Kingdom of God. The kingdom of God brings with it a holistic understanding of salvation. It is about restoring the relationship with God, with other people, with oneself and with all creation. God builds his kingdom through people who entrust their lives to him and obey him.
What distinguishes you as a follower of Jesus?
How do I become an uncompromising follower of Jesus in the kingdom of God?
How do I disciple others?
How do I hear His call to discipleship?
How can I live in freedom and authority?
Come and discover these treasures together with us! Enjoy the enriching fellowship, deepen your relationship with God through cool inputs, prayer, worship and meet the love of the Father. Take the Gospel out on the street as a team, learn to serve, have a lot of fun on the trips together and get to know people from other nations.

Costs: 350.- EUR single person, 600.- EUR married couple. Languages: English and Portuguese
We are looking forward to spending this time with you!

More information:
Life Share Network - - Tel. +41 052 385 36 56