A home for children with leprosy in India:
Leprosy is a disease still present in some regions in the world. Unfortunately in many Asian nations continues to cause many deaths. Children whose parents have leprosy are rejected from the society and are forced to live outside the cities without adequate aid and in conditions of great hardship that will significantly affect their health. We have decided to finance and support the building of a house in Central India that can accommodate 150 children. In this house the kids can be cared for and receive a proper school education with the help of qualified medical stuff and volunteer teachers. This will allow them to leave the leprosy colonies and gradually be reintegrated in the society.

Reach foreigner groups in Switzerland:
God brings unreached foreign people groups at our doorstep so that they can get to know Jesus and later could themselves share the Word of God in the regions where they come from. Through our projects to reach migrants, we are regularly engaged on this front. In recent years, we have met many people coming from distant places that make many efforts to be integrated into the culture of the host country. In these ethnic groups there are normally significant spiritual problems, but this challenges are also a great opportunity for the Kingdom of God. In the Bible we find many stories of people who have lived as refugees and how this have been part of the perfect plan of God for their lives. In these years, we believe that the work among foreigners is very important and we have decided to start discipleship groups (Spanish and Portuguese speaking) in the region of Zurich. These people are very hungry for Jesus and are making big steps of faith, learning weekly to apply the truth of the Bible in their lives. The Kingdom of God has entered into many homes! It is very encouraging to reach outsiders with the love of Christ. Life Share Network is doing its part in bringing a change in our society and at the same time take the Gospel to the ends of the earth!

Planting churches among unreached groups:
Jesus gave the commandment to the Church to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). The word "nation" in the Bible means "group of people", which generally share the same culture and the same language. According to research mission, there are about 6,500 ethnic groups in the world who do not yet have a local church. Therefore various discipleship groups are needed to reach a nation. The only effective way to disciple a nation is to open many churches within the nation itself. New converts placed in communities are more likely to mature and grow spiritually than those who are left to themselves. People who are not treated in the context of the fellowship of a church, they become easy prey to false teachings and often end up back in the world. The churches founded in these groups, can easily multiply and produce a strong movement capable of expanding throughout the nation. Since years, Life Share Network is involved in the vision to open new churches among unreached people groups in different regions of Europe, Asia and Africa. "The field is the world" (Matthew 13:38). This is the right time to reach out to people that still don’t know Jesus in the nations of the earth.

Poverty and social exclusion in Europe:
Europe is going through extraordinarily difficult times. The short term impacts of Covid19 on people’s lives as well as the economy are disastrous, and the long term effects are still unknown. Millions of people’s jobs, income and living standards are at risk, whilst faced with rising costs, rents and bills. The progress we have seen in recent years on poverty reduction in Europe is under threat. Without strong and decisive action, more people throughout Europe risk being pulled into poverty. This is why we need both short term and long term actions to help workers, families and children. Life Share Helps has responded to the needs of vulnerable or marginalized groups in Europe for almost 20 years, adapting its work in order to support children and family at risk. Our volunteers provide soup kitchens, hygiene kits, assistance to the elderly, including a dedicated telephone line and community support services.

Reach Europe:
The modern rationalism led western society to form a life perspective based on individualism and materialism. A lot of people suffer because of emptiness, loneliness and lack of solid values. Life Share Network has the task of reaching European countries that have been less affected by the good news of the Gospel. In most of these countries the amount of evangelical believers is less than 1% of the total population. Our work is mainly focused on the foundation of new churches and the practical support of local leaders in different locations. The communities founded by Life Share Network remain independent and are integrated in the rest of the body of Christ in the region where they are born. In collaboration with other ministries and orga-nizations, our leaders provide, where needed, advice and practical support to enable the growth of the local visions. Life Share Network supports various church planting initiatives in Europe and is looking for partners (individuals or churches) who share the same values and are available to work in the multiplication of new discipleship groups.

Center for children and women in need:
There are still many places in the world where children grow up in poverty and abuse. In the heart of India live the ethnic groups of the Banchhara and Bedia, where thousands of women, following an ancient hindu tradition, are involved in prostitution. Families force their daughters from an early age to follow the destiny of their mothers. Most of the men are addicted to alcohol and many children are abandoned on the road. Some friends working in partnership with Life Share Network had the courage and the strength to bring a change in this situation. A center has been opened to host children and women who wish to start a new life in hope and freedom.

Help us with:
Pray - You could organize a prayer meeting in your church and intercede for our work.
Go - You can get trained with us and be involved in one of our discipleship groups.
Give -  You could financially support the church planting projects around Europe

Life Share Network enables donors and volunteers to use donations and resources efficiently and effectively in the areas of health, education, poverty alleviation and promotion of Christian faith. We thank all those who support these projects and help us save dozens of children. If you want to invest more in these projects, you can use the following link.