Inner healing and deliverance

The Bible tells us in John 8:36: "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” Being delivered from dark shadows means being able to grow faster, be mature and healthier in your own calling and ready to serve others selflessly. Many Christians are not healed from their emotional hurts even after many years of pastoral care. When the problems of a person have demonic roots seem impossible to experience a real breakthrough. The doctors recognize that our physical health and our general well-being is highly dependent form the condition of our emotions, our thinking and our relationships. Jesus, who was also fully human and therefore can understand us completely, shows in his ministry that inner healing is an important part of the process of transformation in people. His mercy for the needy help us to see that true healing was not only health for our bodies, but also significant changes for our souls problems. In this training, we will talk about deep healing and how we can experience restoration in our personal brokenness by the power of the cross and trough the Holy Spirit. We will cover the following topics: definition of inner healing; change of the inner man; a look at the various areas of our lives where we may need healing; a look at the roots of inner brokenness and characteristics of our bondages; abuse and emotional wounds; vows and dedications; God's solution for healing from Isaiah 53 and 61 and how we can apply to our lives. This training is suitable for all those who desire to better understand the whole issue of inner healing and deliverance and want to experience personal breakthroughs, and also for those who wants to learn to help other people in their relationship groups.