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Since our family opened the hearts to Jesus, He has changed our selfish way of life and gave us a great love for our neighbors. It is no accident that he told us in Mark 12:31: "you shall love your neighbor as yourself". In the last years we have become aware of the need of the people around us and have decided that we no longer want to close our eyes and live in indifference. But how could we start? How do we really get to the needy? Who could help us? We were confronted with all these questions, but Jesus showed us the way. Simply and with full humility, He translated care for people into action, healed the sick, freed the prisoners and gave food to the hungry. As my husband and I also come from poor backgrounds, we know what it is like to have an empty fridge. The desire to help the hungry has grown and many families started to come to us and shown their need. Some time ago through the work of the Life Share Helps we came into contact with the This organization collect unsold food that would otherwise end up in the rubbish, even though it is still eatable. We can pick up the food at a central drop-off point and distribute it to people who are in need. This all sounds perfect and simple, but the work was not at all easy. In the beginning we had many difficulties and obstacles, because we had few helpers and no location available for the distribution. A good friend of ours made her house available and for a while we began to store the food in her basement and distribute it in sacks to several people. The number of families grew more and more and we than realized something needed to change. In addition, during this time the lockdown rules made our work impossible and we wanted to give up everything because we had no strength to continue...

One day a letter came to us. It was a woman who received the food regularly. She described in the letter how grateful she was for everything we were doing and how much this support had helped her. So we knew that this was not the time to give up. We prayed together for a new strategy and God told us to do a delivery service. For three months we brought the food to the houses of 10 families that received regular support. Later on more helpers joined us and more doors opened. Recently we got a food truck from a friend for a very reasonable rental price and we place it in the churchyard of the Reformed Church in Schwamendingen (Zurich). These believers also did social work for some months. However, they lacked a management and we lacked the infrastructure so we joined forces and complemented each other. Since last April we have started the distribution every 2 weeks and some families who are helped have now decided to help others. Our goal is to soon have the distribution every Saturday of the month. As you see the work grow with it grows our love for our neighbors!

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